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Inspections & Servicing

Fume cupboard and L.E.V. Inspection and Servicing

Your new and existing fume cupboards, extract systems and L.E.V. equipment should be thoroughly inspected at least every 12 – 14 months to comply with current C.O.S.H.H. regulations. All equipment should be maintained in an efficient order and good repair.

Having regular inspections and servicing of your equipment ensures :-

  • Less likely to breakdown
  • More productivity
  • Optimized Performance
  • Peace of mind and safe working for end users
  • Operator safety
  • Good housekeeping

A variety of servicing schedules can be tailor made to suit the clients own particular requirements.

Industrial fume cupboards inspected and maintained to B.S. E.N.14175

On site S.F.6 fume cupboard containment testing service available

Educational fume cupboards inspected and maintained to Building Bulletin 88

Filter saturation and D.O.P. testing service available

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