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Fume Cupboards from Integrated Laboratory Services Ltd

Based in the heart of the Dales located in over 7,000 sq ft of modern spacious factory, ILS is a privately owned company and has been established for over 18 years with a wealth of experience and innovation. We design, manufacture and install a comprehensive range of fume cupboards and ventilated products to diverse sectors including major universities, secondary schools, NHS trusts, research laboratories, automotive industries and pharmaceutical companies

Fume cupboard and extraction system manufacturers U.K.

  • Our technical staff can advise on fume cupboard product choice, design and installation.
  • A wide product range of fume cupboards to EN 14175 and Building Bulletin 88, fume enclosures and ventilation solutions
  • We offer a full design, manufacture and installation solution throughout the U.K..
  • We supply products to countries throughout the world and offer a full packing, export and freight service
  • Call +44(0)1423 781101 
  • email for a quotation or general advice sales@fumecupboards-direct.com
  • Fax +44(0) 1423 781698          

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K8 Industrial Fume Cupboards

   K8 Industrial 

Centurion Ductless Schools Fume Cupboards

   Educational Mobile 

Academia Schools Fume Cupboard

   Educational Ducted 

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