Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a Fume Cupboard

Fume cupboards, fume cabinets or fume hoods provide a contained ventilated environment within a laboratory. Experiments and reactions can take place within the fume cupboard without impacting the air quality in the rest of the lab.
Fume cupboards are mechanically ventilated using PVC ductwork connected to a centrifugal fan and exhausted outside, away from where the fumes can be inhaled.

What is the design process?

Upon initial consultation we will discuss your requirements such as dimensions, services required and material selection. After the order is placed, we will issue a Solidworks drawing for your review and comment. Once the design is approved, the manufacture process starts, you will receive accurate lead times at this point.

Do you offer bespoke solutions?

Yes! All our fume cupboards are designed, fabricated and assembled in-house; this means you have total control over the design. The design team have a vast array of experience and knowledge and will be able to offer their expertise during the design process.

What are the lead times?

Due to market conditions and the material supply chain, lead times vary throughout the year. To avoid disappointment, we advise getting in touch to discuss lead times.

Where are these manufactured?

All our fume cupboards are manufactured in our factory located in Summerbridge, North Yorkshire.