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Integrated Laboratory Services Ltd, a privately owned company established for over 23 years, has a wealth of knowledge, innovation and industry experience.

We design, manufacture and install a wide range of high performance fume cupboards, fume hoods and L.E.V products to diverse sectors including Universities, Secondary schools and research laboratories.

We design and manufacture all our own fume cupboards in our modern spacious factory in North Yorkshire.

Choosing the correct fume cupboard and associated extraction system can be often difficult and a complex operation, please feel free to contact our experts who will give you guidance and advice without any obligation.

  • 1000mm Ducted K8 Aerodynamic Fume Cupboards

    Ducted – 1000mm K8 Fume Cupboards

    External Dims: 1000mm x 900mm x 2400mm

    Internal Dims: 700mm x 725mm x 1100mm ( Chamber height )

    Standard specification available for delivery in 2 weeks

    A range of high performance aerodynamic industrial fume cupboards, fabricated in Zintec mild steel and powder coated in satin white.

    Designed, manufactured and installed to meet the requirements of B.S. E.N.14175.

    Outstanding SF6 Containment type test data available on request

    The K8 fume cupboard range include :-

    • Standard Bench Mount
    • Walk-in
    • Double Fronted
    • Double Fronted Walk-in
    • Slim Profile Sides

    Energy Saving Variable Air Volume, Auto Sash and Energy Efficient models also available

    Each fume cupboard is made to order in our U.K. factory to the customers specification which may include width, depth and height.

    A fully dimensioned drawing is provided prior to manufacture for client approval.

    adobe acrobatK8 Fume Cupboard Product Leaflet

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  • Ducted Academia Fume Cupboard

    Academia Schools Fume Cupboard

    The Academia fume cupboard is suitable for educational establishments, schools and colleges.

    The fume cupboard offers teaching staff and students a safe, practical and economical solution to practical sciences.

    Compliant with

    Building Bulletin 88 ( Rev G9 )

    Tested by CLEAPPS

    Designed and manufactured in accordance with Energy Efficient Design and Operation of Fume Cupboards Guide 320

    Meets BREAMM Hea 17 and Ene 11 compliance

    Please note a suitable extraction system will be required in order for the fume cupboard to operate correctly, the extract system should be designed and installed to meet the requirements of D.W. 154 and Building Bulletin 88

    adobe acrobatAcademia Product Leaflet

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  • Ductless Centurion Fume Cupboard

    Centurion Mobile Fume Cupboard for Schools

    The Centurion ductless fume cupboard is suitable for educational establishments, schools and colleges, it complies with,

    Building Bulletin 88 ( Rev G9 )

    Tested by CLEAPPS

    The fume cupboard is a stand alone solution complete with its own integral fan and filter system, the standard fume cupboard is mobile and can be easily moved from room to room, it offers glazing on all sides for all round viewing.

    The fume cupboard is fitted with flexible service hoses for gas and water, the hoses are terminated with snap-tite quick release connections. (See technical details for service requirements and connections )

    The fume cupboard can be fitted into a fixed position if preferred.

    The fume cupboard offers teaching staff and students a safe, practical and economical solution to practical sciences.

    adobe acrobatCenturion Product Leaflet

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  • Docking Station

    Docking Station for the Centurion Fume Cupboard

    Robust enclosure to house all service connections for the Centurion ductless fume cupboard.

    Either face or flush mounted the docking station provides a safe and secure method of connecting and disconnecting gas, water and drainage hoses from the mobile Centurion fume cupboard.


    adobe acrobat Flush Fitting


    adobe acrobat Face Fixed


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  • Supply, install and commission large installations with multiple fume cupboard systems.
  • We carry out large fume cupboard and extraction system installations for P.F.I. school projects throughout the U.K.
  • Our technical staff can advise on fume cupboard product choice, design and installation.
  • A wide product range of fume cupboards to B.S. E.N. 14175 and Building Bulletin 88 ( Rev G9 ), fume enclosures and ventilation solutions
  • All K8 bench mounted and Walk-in fume cupboards are type tested to 0.30m/sec, 0.35m/sec, 0.4m/sec and 0.5m/sec
  • Industrial Fume Cupboards, Walk-In Fume Cupboards, Double Fronted Fume Cupboards, Educational Fume Cupboards, Educational Ducted and Mobile
  • PVC duct work and Fume Cupboard extract systems to D.W. 154
  • Comprehensive Fume Cupboard  Servicing and Inspection service available.
  • We offer a full design, manufacture and installation solution for fume cupboards and extraction systems throughout the U.K.
  • View our online shop for lab supplies, sink, taps and drainage. www.labcentral.co.uk
  • CAD, 3D modelling  SolidWorks-logo design and modelling
  • We supply products to countries throughout the world and offer a full packing, export and freight service
  • Fume cupboards manufactured and built in the U.K.
  • Call +44(0)1423 781101
  • email for a quotation or general advice sales@fumecupboards-direct.com
  • Fax +44(0) 1423 781698

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New installations or retrofitted to existing fume cupboards

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Temperature Electronics

Temperature Electronics

Variable Air Volume Controls – Automatic Sash Closing Systems

Supplied and fitted to our new fume cupboards or retrofitted to existing


All our K8 range of fume cupboards are fitted with
BROEN LAB Uniflex valves, hoses and outlets




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