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Our ductless filtered fume cupboard suitable for schools

The Centurion mk2 is our new and improved ductless fume cupboard specifically designed for the school environment. 

All of our School fume cupboards comply with CLEAPS G9

As the design and build process is all in-house, you are not buying an off-the-shelf solution. This means that the end product does not compromise in functionality for the user.

Centurion Filtered Fume Cupboard

The Process


Every fume cupboard starts life in Solidworks. We work with you to ensure your new fume cupboard will meet all your requirements. A fully dimensioned drawing will be issued and approved by you before we start the build process.


All our fume cupboards are manufactured in our modern spacious factory in North Yorkshire. We have a team of highly skilled engineers and fabricators that ensure your fume cupboard is built to the highest standard.


A team of our fitters will install the fume cupboard at your facility. We deliver and install across the UK.



  • Standard Width – 1050mm
  • Standard Depth – 570mm
  • Standard Height – 2000mm
  • Clear Acrylic with 16mm Trespa TopLab BASE bunded base
  • Hinged clear front visor
  • Removable service panels for taps, sockets and alarm panels
  • LED low energy light fitting with front mounted light switch
  • 1 x MK Double switched socket outlets
  • Cold Water Valve and Outlet
  • Vulcathene Drip Cup and Bottle Trap
  • Burning Gas Valve and Outlet
  • Audible and Visual low air alarm
  • Lockable storage cabinet as standard
  • Heavy duty braked castors
  • Superior containment and airflow profiling


  • CLEAPPS G9 Revision of DfEE Building Bulletin 88
  • BS EN 14175
  • BREEAM HEA17 and ENE11
Centurion Front View

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