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At Integrated Laboratory Services, it is our mission to create world class laboratories through innovation and creativity.

We design and manufacture a wide range of high performance fume cupboards, fume hoods and L.E.V products in our modern spacious factory in North Yorkshire.


Every product starts life using the latest version of Solidworks. One of our in house designers will work with you to ensure the product you’re buying is perfect for the application and functionality is not compromised. 

Once you have approved your drawings and specification, the manufacturing process beings.

In-House Manufacture

All our ducted fume cupboards and hoods are manufactured in our factory in North Yorkshire. We have a team of experienced engineers and fabricators that take your order from drawing to the end product.

The standard K8 series fume cupboards have been independently type tested at 0.30m/sec, 0.35m/sec,0.40m/sec & 0.50m/sec, and are manufactured and installed to meet the requirements of B.S. E.N. 14175.

Choosing the correct fume cupboard and associated extraction system can be often difficult and a complex procedure, we will guide you through the process, making sure you have all the information required to make the correct choice for your requirements.  Please  contact our experts who will give you guidance and advice without any obligation.

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K8 Fume Cupboard

Our Flagship Industrial Solution

K8 Ducted Fume Cupboard

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