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Our energy saving ducted fume cupboard

Opting for a VAV fume cupboard is a way to reduce energy bills whilst maintaining safe fume containment.

We understand that everyone’s requirements are different and that there is not a “one size fits all” fume cupboard. As the design and build process is all in-house, you are not buying an off-the-shelf solution. This means that the end product does not compromise in functionality for the user.

1800mm VAV Fume Cupboards

Why VAV?

Variable air volume (VAV) is a method of reducing the volume of extracted air.

This is achieved through monitoring the face velocity and actuating a volume control damper on the outlet of the fume cupboard. As the air velocity increases over a set point (usually 0.4 or 0.5m/s) the damper will close to reduce the volume extracted.

This means that whilst the fume cupboard sashes are closed, less heated/cooled air is being extracted out of the room, reducing your energy bills and improving the ambient temperature for the end users.

Complies with BREEAM ENE 07.


Auto-sash is another option aimed at improving safety and reducing energy bills.

Through the use of a PIR absence detector, the sash will automatically close when the user is not present. Combined with a VAV system this will then reduce the volume extracted.

The sash is driven by a motor located in the top of the fume cupboard.

To avoid collisions, a light-curtain detects any obstacles such as equipment or limbs in the path of the sash.

Note: Auto-Sash is an additional option to the VAV fume cupboard.


The Process


Every fume cupboard starts life in Solidworks. We work with you to ensure your new fume cupboard will meet all your requirements. A fully dimensioned drawing will be issued and approved by you before we start the build process.


All our fume cupboards are manufactured in our modern spacious factory in North Yorkshire. We have a team of highly skilled engineers and fabricators that ensure your fume cupboard is built to the highest standard.


A team of our fitters will install the fume cupboard at your facility. We deliver and install across the UK.



  • Standard Widths (bespoke dimensions available)
    • 1000mm
    • 1200mm
    • 1500mm
    • 1800mm
    • 2000mm
  • Standard Depth – 900mm
  • Standard Height – 2400mm
  • Smooth radiused front profile for improved fume cupboard containment and aerodynamics
  • Type tested to BS EN14175 @ 0.30m/sec, 0.35m/sec, 0.40m/sec and 0.50m/sec
  • 316 grade stainless steel front cill (Polypropelyne available)
  • Inner chamber 6mm Trespa TopLab BASE with 16mm Trespa TopLab BASE bunded base (Polypropylene, stainless steel or cast epoxy available)
  • High performance removable back baffles for maintenance
  • Removable service panels for taps, sockets and alarm panels
  • Sash restrictor with auto set feature
  • Solid front grille which is removable for access and maintenance
  • LED low energy light fitting with front mounted light switch
  • 2 x MK Double switched socket outlets
  • TEL AFA4000/E  VAV Controller and Airflow Monitor
  • 250mm Actuated Damper suitable for VAV control
  • Alarm panel, light and double sockets all pre wired to junction box
  • 6mm toughened glass sash on twin stainless steel cables and counter balanced weight system
  • Curved aerodynamic sash handle with easy grip front D handles
  • Superior containment and airflow profiling
1800mm Fume Cupboard

Optional Extras

Optional Storage Cabinet
  • Full width ventilated Storage
  • Fire Trace
  • Polypropylene Chamber and Worktop
  • Cast Epoxy Worktop
  • Stainless Steel Chamber

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