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Ducted K8e series Energy Saving Fume Cupboards

K8 Energy Saving Fume Cupboard
K8 Energy Saving Fume Cupboard Fume Cupboard Auto Sash ControllerTEL ECON Variable Air Volume ControllerVariable Air Volume Damper

K8e Energy Saving Fume Cupboards

All the standard features of our high performance K8 series aerodynamic fume cupboard

but includes as standard the following equipment and features….

Containment tested to operate at velocities of  0.30m/sec, 0.35m/sec, 0.40m/sec and 0.50m/sec
Advanced aerodynamic and airflow properties
LED energy efficient lighting
Complies with BREAMM ENE07 ( 0.16m3/sec per linear metre )

Optional Items

Fully integrated V.A.V. controller with fast responsive modulating fume cupboard damper.
Bleed air inlet control and dampers available for the extraction system.
Automatic sash closing system when user not present
Sash open warning system to warn user when sashes have been left open
Full V.A.V. systems supplied and installed. either new or retro fitted

Each fume cupboard is made to order in our U.K. factory to the customers specification which may include width, depth and height.

A fully dimensioned drawing is provided prior to manufacture for client approval.

adobe acrobatK8 Fume Cupboard Product Leaflet

Storage Options

  • Powder coated mild steel storage cabinets
  • Flammable Storage ( 90 min fire rated ) to DIN EN 14470-1
  • Powder coated flammable cabinets ( 30 min fire rated )
  • Laminated storage cabinets
  • Venting Kit to all storage options

Fume Cupboard Model Types

  • Bench Mounted
  • Walk In
  • Double Fronted
  • Double Fronted Walk-ins
  • Integral Scrubber
  • HF Type
  • Thin Wall Bench Mounted ( 100mm side panels )
  • V.A.V and Auto Sash Variants
  • ATEX rated fume cupboards to Zone I and Zone II hazardous areas

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