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Fume Hoods

Fume Hoods
Fume Hoods Powder Coated Fume HoodFume Hoods and Vented EnclosuresFume Hoods and Vented EnclosuresFume Hoods and Vented Enclosures

Fume Hoods

We can design, fabricate and install a comprehensive range of fume hoods, canopies and enclosures.

Fabricated from zintec mild steel and epoxy powder coated finish.

Each fume hood is made to order and therefore can easily incorporate the clients exact requirements.

A range of high performance extract and ventilation solutions are available for every type of hood or enclosure.


  • Fume hood construction powder coated zintec mild steel, PVC,
  • Polypropylene, Stainless steel
  • Aerodynamic design
  • Counter balanced sashes
  • Acrylic folding doors
  • Acrylic bi-folding doors

Optional Items

  • Stainless steel fabrication 316 grade and 304 grade
  • Clear acrylic side panels
  • Front hinged visors
  • Low airflow alarms
  • Taps, Dry services
  • Wall mounted drip cups
  • Illumination
  • Extract systems to accommodate hoods


  • AA Spectrometer hoods
  • Bench extraction
  • Distillation Rigs
  • Ovens
  • Custom Rigs