K8 Fume Cupboard
Fume Cupboard Rear Scrubbers with Auto Sash
K8 Fume Cupboard with Automatic Sash Closing
K8 fume cupboard with horizontal sliding sashes
K8 Fume Cupboard Scaffolding
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1200mm Ducted K8 Aerodynamic Fume Cupboards

Ducted – 1200mm K8 Fume Cupboards

External Dims: 1200mm x 900mm x 2400mm

Internal Dims: 900mm x 725mm x 1100mm ( Chamber height )

Standard specification available for delivery in 2 weeks

A range of high performance aerodynamic industrial fume cupboards, fabricated in Zintec mild steel and powder coated in satin white.

Designed, manufactured and installed to meet the requirements of B.S. E.N.14175.

Outstanding SF6 Containment type test data available on request

The K8 fume cupboard range include :-

  • Standard Bench Mount
  • Walk-in
  • Double Fronted
  • Double Fronted Walk-in
  • Slim Profile Sides

Energy Saving Variable Air Volume, Auto Sash and Energy Efficient models also available

Each fume cupboard is made to order in our U.K. factory to the customers specification which may include width, depth and height.

A fully dimensioned drawing is provided prior to manufacture for client approval.

adobe acrobatK8 Fume Cupboard Product Leaflet

Ducted K8 Aerodynamic Fume Cupboards

  • Smooth radiused front profile for improved fume cupboard containment and aerodynamics
  • Standard models type tested to 0.30m/sec, 0.35m/sec, 0.40m/sec and 0.50m/sec
  • 316 grade stainless steel front cill
  • Inner chamber 6mm Trespa TopLab BASE with 16mm Trespa TopLab BASE bunded base
  • High performance removable back baffles for maintenance
  • Removable service panels for taps, sockets and alarm panels
  • Sash restrictor with auto set feature
  • Front by-pass grille which is removable for access and maintenance
  • LED low energy light fitting with front mounted light switch
  • 2 x Double switched socket outlets
  • TEL AFA4000/2 tactile and digital fully programmable airflow monitor / alarm panel
  • Alarm panel, light and double sockets all pre wired to junction box
  • 6mm toughened glass sash on twin stainless steel cables and counter balanced weight system
  • Curved aerodynamic sash handle with easy grip front D handle
  • Superior containment and airflow profiling

Optional Equipment

  • Solid cast epoxy resin work base or complete inner chamber
  • 316 grade stainless steel work base or complete inner chamber
  • PVC or Polypropylene work base or complete inner chamber
  • Ceramic work base
  • Toughened glass inner chamber
  • Broen Uniflex valves and taps
  • Vulcathene drip cups and sinks
  • Cast epoxy resin sinks and drip cups

Storage Options

  • Powder coated mild steel storage cabinets
  • Flammable Storage ( 90 min fire rated ) to DIN EN 14470-1
  • Powder coated flammable cabinets ( 30 min fire rated )
  • Laminated storage cabinets
  • Venting Kit to all storage options

Fume Cupboard Model Types

  • Bench Mounted Fume Cupboards
  • Walk In Fume Cupboards
  • Double Fronted Fume Cupboards
  • Double Fronted Walk-ins Fume Cupboards
  • Integral Scrubber Fume Cupboards
  • HF Type Fume Cupboards
  • Thin Wall Bench Mounted ( 100mm side panels ) Fume Cupboards
  • V.A.V and Auto Sash Variants Fume Cupboards
  • ATEX rated fume cupboards to Zone I and Zone II hazardous areas

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