AFA4000 airflow monitor

AFA4000 airflow monitor

From 2019 ILS will be installing the latest airflow monitoring system on our full range of K8 series high performance fume cupboards.

The pioneering AFA4000 has a full colour interface that’s been optimised for ease of user experience. Easy to navigate, it features a simple two-step calibration process which, once complete, won’t need to be done again.

The AFA4000 incorporates full alarm diagnostics and test functionality as well as a 60 minute timeline of environmental conditions, providing professional lab managers with complete peace of mind.

Auto Sash Integration

The AFA4000 airflow monitor and controller is also available with optional integrated Auto Sash functionality that automates the opening and closing of the fume cupboard sash when it’s unattended, providing an increased level of safety and further reducing energy costs. It also responds to safety critical inputs from external sources like a fire alarm or ventilation system failure.