1500mm and 2000mm Walk-In Fume Cupboard

K8 Series Fume Cupboard Orders

The first quarter of the year nearly over with completion of 18 x K8 series fume cupboards fitted with the latest T.E.L. V.A.V. dampers, controllers and automatic sash closing systems.

1500 and 2000 walk-in
K8 Series Fume Cupboards

Despite all the gloomy headlines in the news, here at I.L.S. the order book is looking healthy with a large export order to Central Asia currently in progress and various other exciting projects dotted around the U.K.

We are currently manufacturing Zone I & II fume cupboards which can be often complex in design, here at I.L.S. we have expertise that can design, manufacture and install a range of Zone I & II compliant fume cupboards and extraction systems.