Energy Saving VAV Fume Cupboards

Introduction As we face increasing energy costs and the urgent need to address the climate change crisis, it is important for us all to consider how we can make our homes and businesses operate more sustainably. The science industry is energy intensive, large scale manufacturing plants require a lot of heat and cooling for their […]

An Introduction To Fume Cupboards

Introduction Overview A fume cupboard, also known as a fume hood or exhaust hood, is a type of ventilation system commonly used in laboratories and other workspaces to control and extract harmful fumes, vapours, and dust generated by hazardous substances. In this article, we will explore the different types of fume cupboard, how they work, […]

Fume Cupboard BREEAM Compliance

BREEAM Compliance With the global effort of reducing carbon emissions to curb climate change as well as trying to build a more sustainable planet for future generations, it is important that the industry does its bit to help. The operational emissions from the built environment are a large contributor to the CO2 emissions in the […]